Dr Seuss Reading Passport – The Lorax by Dr Seuss

Hello Everybody,

Are you wondering which book we will be reading first for our passport adventure? ……

Here it is…. The Lorax by Dr Seuss, NY, Random House, c1999.

Most of the Dr Seuss books were checked out from my library Branch.
There was only one Dr Seuss book for a reading adventure at the library, it ‘s called the Lorax . I have put holds on the other books and will post the videos as soon as our books get to the library….

Here’s the video, I hope your grown-ups can help you find a book so you can follow along…. Bon Voyage ….

The Lorax by Dr Seuss, NY, Random House, 1999.

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Dr Seuss Reading Passport – Oh the places we will go!

Hi Everybody,

I wanted us to get started on our adventures right away.
I have to unpack and move into my apartment so I won’t have very much time to make up my own adventures.
I thought for NOW, we could follow some very good people who have had many wonderful reading adventures.
So I am telling you about this link:
Dr Seuss Reading Passport

Your grownup can help you print out the Official Dr Seuss Passport Stickers , cut them out and paste them on your passport.

I am telling you about these books because they are fun…. I am not making any money by telling you about these books, they are just very good books to help you learn to read. You can borrow the books from the library or your grownups can help you buy the books from a bookstore or the Official Dr Seuss Website.

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Hope and Dragons and Songs and Stories to Make you Feel Better when you are sick

This is the video that started it all.
I sent it to Sammy and she liked it…
So maybe it will help you feel better too.
There’s a story about how I got my Puff the magic dragon, the Peter Paul and Mary song about Puff the Magic dragon, my version of Robert Munsch’s Paper Bag Princess, the song Put On a Happy Face, and me telling the kids about the magic of storytelling and the special nation called the land of imagination…..

I really had a tough time to post it because I don’t really like what I looked like that day… but sometimes you just have to put yourself out there.

A good friend of mine said, if you don’t toot your own horn, who’s going to hear your song….

Life’s too short to wait for things to be perfect, capture the moments, they are priceless….

Your children won’t remember what you look like, or what you sounded like, they will remember that they were loved and just how special you made them feel.

There is no voice as precious to your little one as your own, especially when it is spirit driven and coming straight from the heart…. so just do it, tell it, sing it….. you’ll be glad you did,

Love and light, and hope you like my stories and have as much fun listening to my children’s songs and online stories as I had telling and singing them…

Thanks for listening and entrusting me with your little ones.

Your’s in love and light, and friendship and service,


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Hello world! Online Stories for Kids –

Have begun my new project to take back a safe place for kids to learn and play. It will be a safe haven sanctuary. The children of the light need all of the support that we can give them. I am holding a safe place for them in my heart and on this blog.

I thank my parents, the men and women who loved and love me, my family, and the creator for giving me the opportunity to serve…..

Here is my first baby step on this learning adventure

This is the story of the 3 little pigs and the awakening of the big bad wolf…. I couldn’t bring myself to have the little pigs hurt the wolf, so I changed the story… and it’s my blog, and I’m telling the story, so I can say what I want, and that’s the magic of being the storyteller.

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